Next Inventory Drop: 31st January

We're a small team of queers who LOVE big toys. All toys are poured by non-binary people by hand.

The inflation and the pandemic have affected us as well, as the costs of raw materials and energy were rising. Due to the increasing costs for materials, we unfortunately had to increase the prices of our toys.

We always strive to offer our silicone toys at the best possible prices to make toys affordable that are not harmful.

Apart from our newsletter voucher, there are no other promotions. So it is not necessary to search for vouchers online.

Questions about the product

Puffy Toys can be used with water- and fat-based lubricants.

Please do not use silicone-based lubricants (e.g. containing dimethicone or cyclopentasiloxane), as these can make the toy sticky and are difficult to remove.

For sex with dildos, we recommend water-based lubricants, as these generally have better sliding properties than fat-based lubricants.

For wearing plugs for a longer period of time, we recommend fat-based lubricants (f.e. organic coconut oil), as these dry out slowly. However they are not latex or condom-safe.

We advise to not regularly use Vaseline or petrolatum-based fisting lubricants or milking grease due to frequent contamination with MOSH / MOAH in such products.

Puffy Toys should not be cleaned in the dishwasher every time. Firmer toys can be cleaned in it occasionally, however, the softer the silicone, the more sensitive it is.

We recommend cleaning all our toys after each use with warm water and hand soap or with sex toy cleaners that are suitable for silicone toys.

Our toys can be boiled in a saucepan at 100 ° C without hesitation.

Many people think that silicone is generally safe. That is not true, however. We already had a lot of toys from other manufacturers that looked cheap or had a sandy feel or an unpleasant smell. We value the smell, taste and feel of our silicone rubber. If a silicone has a rubber odor, it is out of the question for us.

All Puffy Toys silicones are platinum-based.

Our hardnesses soft and medium are FDA 21 CFR 177.2600 certified.

The hardness hard and extra hard are suitable for food contact or for erotic products according to our German supplier.

This is possible, but it can take a very long time (many weeks or even months).

If we receive multiple requests for a toy in a specific size, we will probably produce that size in the near future.

We only produce our own designs, as we do not make custom-made designs. Please write to us if you are interested in a general shape such as a horse or alien breeder toy or something else. The higher the demand, the faster we will be able to offer a certain form.

Questions about delivery

Our toys are usually delivered after 5-14 working days within the EU.

Yes! We ship in a brown, neutral box with the sender "Ayana Kimmig".

When you didn't break the seal, then yes, of course!

This only happens with our large toys from 7cm in diameter. Dilators and smaller toys are packed in odorless PP bags.

With the larger toys, the smell does not come from the silicone, but from the vacuum packaging. Most manufacturers of large toys use welded PVC films. However, these tend to tear, which is why we opted for vacuum bags. The thin PP bags are unfortunately too weak for large toys. But don't worry: our vacuum bags are suitable for food. Before using the toy for the first time, wash it with hand soap and warm water.

Questions about the website

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