Unfortunately, many toys are still out of stock.

Next Inventory Drop: 12th October .2022

We offer many different colours. We can't make pictures of every colour for every toy though, so we decided to show all our colours here on this page:

Note: the "layered" effect with Mica Colours (as for example clearly visible with candy) is production-related differently visible:

soft strongly visible
medium weakly visible
hard (big toys and all plugs) clearly visible
hard (Cutie Patootie and all dilators) strongly visible
extra hard strongly visible

Solid colours don't have a layered effect. 

Fantasia Pink


Oh La La


Silken Deep Rose

Silken Deep

Frosty Rose Petal

Frosty Rose Petal.jpg



Fiery Fusion

Fiery Fusion.jpg

Soft Amethyst

Soft Amethyst_1.jpg

Dreamy Aquamarine

Dreamy Aquamarine.jpg

Moonkissed Nights

Moonkissed Nights_1.jpg