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We offer four different firmnesses

  • soft (Shore A 0 ± 2), very soft, extremely flexible but still very tearproof
  • medium (Shore A 5 ± 2), comfortably soft, flexible
  • hard (Shore A 10 ± 2), practical for smaller toys for penetrative sex
  • extra hard (Shore A 40 ± 2), extremely hard, very stiff.

However, our firmnesses are best shown in a video

We have changed our firmnesses

Since April 1st, 2021 we made the following changes:

The new soft is significantly softer than before (was previously Shore A 8). 
The new medium is a little softer than before (was previously Shore A 13). 
The new hard feels a bit softer than before (was Shore A 25). 
Extra hard remains unchanged with Shore A 40.